Shingles, metal and composites certainly have their place as a roofing material.  But each can fail over time or if improperly installed, cause massive damage to structures and their interiors. How about a permanent seal? By Utilizing SKYTITE® Polyurethane Foam Roofing Systems, ETRU is able to provide the latest and most cost-effective solution to your roofing system needs. This high-performance, spray application offers the lowest lifecycle cost option. The material is self-flashing and eliminates thermal bridging giving you 

superior insulation for improved efficiency. SKYTITE® is leak-resistant and combines long-term durability with the minimal maintenance that our clients love. Worried about a tear off of your existing roofing or pricy setup?  No worries.  In most cases we can apply SKYTITE® directly to the existing substrate. This is good news for your pockets and the environment. Need further proof that a spray roof coating system is right for you?  Consider the following:

Foam Roof Coating Systems are...

In addition to performing as a barrier against the elements, SKYTITE’S thermal qualities provide for an excellent insulation addition as well as serves to reflect solar punch.

Worried about damage due to leaks?  With a SKYTITE® foam roof coating system your roofing is completely sealed.

Re-coating with a SKYTITE® spray roof coating system costs less than replacing a membrane system.

In most applications, our foam coating system can be applied directly to the existing substrate.  No tear-off is needed.  This equates to a less waste byproduct in our landfills and more money in your pocket.

★★★★★ | ETRU installed a furnace in my home in 2017. Because I was delighted with Ryan’s knowledge of the product, as well as his professionalism, I called him a couple of days ago to repair my air conditioning unit. Ryan is very thorough in diagnosing the problem but also educated me on the best overall economic solution. Ryan provides excellent and timely customer service. I will remain a loyal customer, and I highly recommend you give ETRU a call.

Jacqueline Smith


★★★★★ | Ryan is always quick to respond and very efficient… having several rental properties, we need someone personable and efficient. Ryan is just that!… Always takes care of us quickly! Great business!.. highly recommend.

Beth Wilson


★★★★★ | This firm and Ryan solved my HVAC problems that multiple other firms were unable to. Felt so good about their work and problem solving and friendly service that I contacted them about my insulation spray foam on the house project and was also really impressed with their job on that as well. Highly recommended.

Joe Thomas


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