If we’re cold, we simply turn up the heat.  If we’re hot, we can make it cooler with the touch of a button.  This sounds simple enough and its something each and every one of us do frequently but nearly always take for granted.  That is, until the button doesn’t work any more.  Behind the scenes, many processes have to work in tandem for a heating and air conditioning system to function at its optimal level.  Equipment quality, size, efficiency and installation to name a few.

Whether its new construction or a replacement, gas or electric, ETRU has the experience to help you choose the proper system.  

Over 20 years of experience in HVAC installation to be exact. If you purchase the best equipment on the market, but have it installed or sized improperly it will not perform at an optimal level. We start by calculating the load stresses on your structure to accurately pinpoint equipment and or a combination of insulation techniques to get the most from your money.  ETRU uses only the best equipment and makes sure the installation is done the right way.  Ducts are run with purpose, and where there are seams, they are taped to ensure proper seal.  No job is too big or small.  Here are just a few of the things that set ETRU apart from the competition:

We insulate on the outside…of the “trunk” that is.  Most heating and air systems have a “trunk line” that feeds conditioned air to the far reaching areas of a given structure.  This is is a common area for massive efficiency loss.  We offset this with insulation that reduces heating and cooling loss and decreases restriction of air allowing your system to work more efficiently.

On every job, each seam is screwed, taped, and sealed; every joint and every bend.  Any place that air can leak and ductwork, you loose efficiency and comfort.  We hate when you lose efficiency and comfort, so we don’t let that happen.

For every structure that we install an HVAC system in, we perform a load calculation. These load calculations take into consideration every variable that may affect heating and cooling capacity.  For windows as an example, we calculate load based on the number of windows, there size, R value and placement on the structure taking into consideration such things as directional solar gain.  Combining details such as this as well as many others on your structure provides us an accurate measure of the size and type system you will need to reach a desired comfort and efficiency level.

We offer a 10 year parts warranty and 3 year labor warranty on all new systems that we install.

We provide a detailed look over your system to make sure it’s running at peak efficiency.

If there is an issue, we’ll find it. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced professionals we’ll locate, diagnose and fix the issue at hand.

Sometimes we have to attack the problem in steps. This is where we evaluate the issues and set forth a plan to prioritize what needs attention first.

Just like the name says, we’re true to efficiency. Not only to keep your bills lower but to get you back to life faster.

Our family has been installing the MR System in the Central Valley of California since the 1980s. Some of our customers have experienced the benefits of this system for over 30 years. We find the MR system is a great way for our clients to preserve and restore their metal buildings. Often it eliminates the need for labor-intensive and costly tear-off and disposal. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that whichever of your cool roof coating they choose to use with the MR System, it will help to reduce their utility costs and extend the life of their investment. The diverse products and warranties you offer also help our customers decide which coating system works best for their budgets and goals. Additionally, the warranties offered are non-prorated and renewable.

Joshua Thiesen

We have found this system to be an excellent choice for both new construction and existing roof restoration projects. The positive features include full adherence to substrate, no air pockets to create condensation, full fabric immersion in base coat, simple detailing around curbs and vents, a white reflective topcoat, and painless repairs. This system is fully sustainable for many years, and is the leak-free solution our company and clients love.

William Schrock

I like the versatility, strength, and waterproofing capabilities of the Membrane Coating System. The available 10-year warranty gives both my customers and I peace of mind. The high-quality SpunFlex fabric used in this system is flexible and easy to work with. due to coastal wind uplift and potential hurricanes, having a seamless commercial roofing system is a must down here in South Florida!

Chris Porosky

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