Concrete Jacking and Soil Stabilization

The midwest suffers greatly from wide ranging temperature extremes, weather events and undermining.  These are just a few of the many reasons that can cause your structure’s foundation or support base to fail over time.  This results in cracks, uneven surfaces and at its worst, failure of the entire structure in question.  Ultimately, this is a very dangerous and expensive situation to find yourself in. 

Using our spray system, ETRU will work with structural engineers and or contractors to precisely raise and repair foundations and base structures to prevent further damage or total failure allowing structural reconstruction to commence.

ETRU can also permanently stabilize and reinforce loose or sub-standard soils allowing it to support greater weight, increase tensile strength and overall building qualities for roadways, buildings or common areas.

We use 3 or 4 lb foam to complete these tasks. The poundage is measure by the mass density of 1 cubic foot of foam. The type of foam would be chosen based upon application. This would be assessed at the time of the site evaluation. 

No removal of old concrete, back fill, then repour

We provide quick, detailed, and friendly services. 

No tearing up of yard or disrupting production for long periods of time.

Our family has been installing the MR System in the Central Valley of California since the 1980s. Some of our customers have experienced the benefits of this system for over 30 years. We find the MR system is a great way for our clients to preserve and restore their metal buildings. Often it eliminates the need for labor-intensive and costly tear-off and disposal. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that whichever of your cool roof coating they choose to use with the MR System, it will help to reduce their utility costs and extend the life of their investment. The diverse products and warranties you offer also help our customers decide which coating system works best for their budgets and goals. Additionally, the warranties offered are non-prorated and renewable.

Joshua Thiesen

We have found this system to be an excellent choice for both new construction and existing roof restoration projects. The positive features include full adherence to substrate, no air pockets to create condensation, full fabric immersion in base coat, simple detailing around curbs and vents, a white reflective topcoat, and painless repairs. This system is fully sustainable for many years, and is the leak-free solution our company and clients love.

William Schrock

I like the versatility, strength, and waterproofing capabilities of the Membrane Coating System. The available 10-year warranty gives both my customers and I peace of mind. The high-quality SpunFlex fabric used in this system is flexible and easy to work with. due to coastal wind uplift and potential hurricanes, having a seamless commercial roofing system is a must down here in South Florida!

Chris Porosky

Concrete Jacking Case Study

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