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Our Mission

ETRU’s philosophy is simple. Take care of the customer, and the rest will take care of itself. Our customer base has grown, and with it, our company has expanded to meet their needs with the best in HVAC installation and maintenance, insulation as well as a spray foam applications that serve both a residential and industrial customer base throughout Illinois, Missouri and Tennessee. We are proud to say that Honesty and Integrity are core values central to each one of us, our team members as well as the company itself.  

Your HVAC system is an investment. Your insulation application is equally important. And when your foundation is in jeopardy, we know that an entire home, business or organization literally hangs in the balance. Everything we do is to ensure each one of these things are maintained or applied properly, efficiently and effectively and as quickly as humanly possible. It’s a tough job, but we live for it.

The ETRU Promise


Little things can make a big difference.  Recycling, buying sustainable products or just using less to name a few.  ETRU can help make a difference too.  Every day, we help our customers be more efficient through the maintenance and installation of HVAC and insulation systems that utilize less power. Have an old 10 seer heat pump that runs perfectly fine?  There is a good chance that with additional insulation we can help you use less power and save money. 

Technology has come a long way and continues to improve every day.  It’s science really.  And by helping to employ these technologies when possible, we can significantly decrease the amount of power we use.  This, in turn, can have a massive positive effect on the environment.

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